Weekend To-Do



paint splatter DIY eggs

DIY some eggs for Easter! I love this list with 100 (yes actually 100) super simple ideas (image via Brit.co)

jamie stone for jouer

Do a mini photo shoot of yourself in an outfit you adore.  I did one today with Jouer Cosmetics and I can’t wait to share more photos with you all next week!

date nightI love the idea of having a “date night.”  Even if you’re single (like me), have a date night with the girls (image via GrasieMercedes.com)


Weekend To-Do

funJust have fun, ok? (image via TheGlitterGuide.com)

st. patricks day frittataTry a fun and healthy St. Patrick’s Day Frittata. I’m obsessed (image via SkinnyTaste.com)

beachTake a minute to day dream (image via Pinterest.com)

hand dish

Try this DIY hand dish cause guess what? It looks just like the expensive Kelly Wearstler version (image via ABeautifulMess.com)

dainty ringsTreat yo’ self to a dainty ring or four. They’re fun and versatile (image via WhoWhatWear.com)

pretty gift wrapping

If you have a birthday party this weekend, make sure to wrap the gift extra pretty for spring (image via TheHouseThatLarsBuilt.com)

Weekend To-Do


Weekend wardrobe inspiration (image via PinkPeonies.com)

spaghetti squash crust pizza

Try a healthier version of pizza with spaghetti squash crust instead of bread! (image via ABeautifulMess.com)


Watch one of your old-school classic movies (image via NYMag.com)

closet organization

Even if you can’t organize your entire closet, try organizing one section (image via IntoTheGloss.com)

hollywood sign hike

Try a new hike that you’ve never tried before (image via Pinterest.com)


Words to live by (image via Pinterest.com)

Weekend To-Do

metallic dishes

Get into the idea of organizing your jewelry by color (image via Hitha Palepu)


Since it IS Valentine’s Day and all, try to incorporate a heart into at least one meal.  This grilled cheese heart in tomato soup is perfect for the cold weather (image via Brit.co)

be someone who makes you happy

Words to especially remember if you’re single and feeling a little weird today (image via Pinterest)

DIY valentine's day card

If you need a last minute Valentine’s Day card, try using something you already have around the house, like pasta. (image via Handmade Charlotte)

gwen stefani red lip and red blazer

Don’t be afraid to rock a bold red lip with a red blazer or accessory (image via She Finds)


Remember to breath, even if you’re not doing yoga (image via Pinterest)

Weekend To-Do

beach happy hour

If you live somewhere remotely warm, throw a beach happy hour…sorry east coast (image via Eat Sleep Wear)

beyonce selfie

Go makeup free for either Saturday or Sunday (image via Beyonce’s Instagram)

Blueberry ice cubes

Try freezing fresh fruit in your ice cubes to liven up your water (image via Brit)


Rock a denim jacket with white converse sneakers, old school style (image via Style Me Grasie)


Try this AMAZING “stormy” eye for a night out (image via The Beauty Department)

the cure for anything is salt water

Words to remember (image via Pinterest)