INVITE: Cory Monteith Memorial Sale (in LA)

Cory Monteith Memorial Sale2 INVITE

Life has definitely thrown me a few curve balls this past year, I have to say, but one of the things that I’m most proud of is the fact that I’m heavily involved with charity.  Sure, the ups and downs have been rough, and we all have our “days” where we feel like we have the worst life EVER, but in reality…it’s not even close to that.  Cory’s sudden passing was not only devastating to me and my circle of friends, but it actually served as yet another wakeup call that basically reinforced the fact that 1-) life is short and 2-) I’m lucky on SO many levels and need to be better about appreciating that fact.  We all have our battles, some worse than others, but anyone who’s reading this is still HERE, and enjoying their life.

I thought hard about the way that I wanted to honor Cory’s memory; I wanted it to be something that I’d be good at, and yet still fulfill something that was deeply important to him.  Last year I did a charity sale that benefited animals so I thought “why not re-create that with two of my friends who also knew Cory?”

And enter: The Cory Monteith Memorial Sale

Saturday, October 12th


I’ve partnered with Nadine Jolie and Maggie Lee to sell discounted beauty products, jewelry and accessories on October 12th.  We’re donating 100% of our proceeds to Project Limelight, one of Cory’s favorite charities that provides free theater programs to underprivileged children in Vancouver, where he lived for many years.

Please stop by if you’re in the LA area, and feel free to forward the invite around!