7 Secret Celebrity Workout Spots in Los Angeles

celebrities working out

I don’t usually do posts that are so local, but if you live in Los Angeles, it’s pretty much guaranteed that, at some point, you will find yourself near or around a celebrity or two…or six.  But while working out?  Sure…IF you know where to go.  Celebrity bodies are always a topic of conversation, which is exactly why you need to know where some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous get (and stay) toned and trim.  Secrets, no more.  After four years here, I felt an obligation to share how some of the best bodies stay fit.  Enjoy.

Moksha Yoga Los Angeles 

Celeb Regulars: Katie Holmes, Sophia Bush, Edward Norton

This small, hot yoga studio is basically a hidden gem on La Brea, which is perfect for high-profile celebrities like Katie Holmes.  Celeb-approved classes include:

Moksha Original- A unique series of 40 postures.  The postures combine the precision of therapeutic yoga, and the foundations of traditional yoga, all in a tiny, heated room. The Moksha series is a cardiovascular workout that loosens, strengthens and tones the muscles, while calming the mind and reducing stress. The heat allows for deep, safe stretching and promotes detoxification of the skin, blood and muscles through sweat.

Moksha Flow- This fun class takes the regular Moksha series and connects the postures with more fluid movement. However, the studio recommends that you take at least five Moksha Original classes before trying “the Flow.”

Core Fusion at Exhale Spa

Celeb Regulars: Vanessa Hudgens, Allison Williams (Girls)

We’ve been told that you need to prepare to sweat, if you do decide to take this class.  Core Fusion uses a combination of weights, bands, balls and your very own body weight for resistance…it’s a heart-pumping workout that focuses heavily on core strength and relaxation of the mind.

Cycle House

Celeb Regulars: Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Charlize Theron, Gerard Butler

Sure, cycling studios are pretty popular these days, but Cycle House has managed to stay under the radar…until now.  What we love about Cycle House (aside from the A-List clientele) is that the studio donates two meals to feed the homeless for every class that is purchased.  Now if that’s not motivation to work out, we don’t know what is.

POUND Fit – at CRUNCH West Hollywood 

Celeb Regular: Maria Menounos

POUND combines easy cardio moves with strength training and, get this, drumming. This combo works the entire body, raises the heart rate, and forces each move to be as precise as a basic beat – hence, the weighted drumsticks.  The instructor plays a 45-minute “Poundtrack” (yes, that’s really its name) that is carefully planned out to get you through 15,000 reps, which are performed over 30 extended interval peaks with more than 70 techniques…and we can’t imagine this not being fun.

Shadow Boxing

Celeb Regulars: Selma Blair, Leslie Bibb, Mario Lopez, Hilary Duff

Described by most members as a “hole in the wall,” this tiny gym is just about big enough to fit one boxing ring…but, that doesn’t stop the celeb masses from flocking in.  The trainers are known to be some of the best around, and the classes are cheap to boot.  According to clients, the celebrities are known to join in on group classes, in addition to one-on-one private training.

Fitmix Studio 

Celeb Regular: Beth Behrs (2 Broke Girls)

Beth Behrs, of “2 Broke Girls” fame, is described by the studio as a “die-hard fan” and Beth even claims that Fitmix’s Endurace Pilates and interval running has totally changed her body.  The 55 minute group class uses customized pilates reformers for 30 minutes, after doing 25 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.  The concept is designed to raise your heart rate, which will, in turn, burn calories and promote long, lean muscle.

YAS Fitness Center

Celeb Regulars: Kate Hudson, Olivia Wilde

“YAS,” which stands for “Yoga and Spinning,” is the first studio dedicated to the super powerful workout combination.  The space itself is large and offers fun music, easy-to-learn routines and, of course, the chance to watch two of Hollywood’s most gorgeous women work out.  It’s a win-win, really.