Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

Oh em gee, these candy vanilla milkshakesABeautifulMess.com

Would a parent get judged for putting these shark booties on their kid? Cause if this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right – TheLuxurySpot.com

So I watched Two Broke Girls last night,and now I want Cake FriesStarcasm.net

It’s that season…time to get SICK. Here’s a great list of sick day essentials AFabLife.com

Leave it to the genius’ at Shape to come up with a Halloween candy health matrixShape.com

This SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Palette is everything. I’m obsessed – Sephora.com

Inspired By: Shark Week

inspired by shark week


Shark Week is one of those cult obsessions that I absolutely adore and, after the recent release of the now infamous “SharkNado,” it should come as no surprise that the internet is buzzing with excitement.  Happy 25th anniversary, Shark Week!  Here are my favorite shark-inspired finds fot the week:

Mixology NYC Shark Teeth Charm Bracelet: I’m not a big charm bracelet girl but I obviously really enjoy the mixing of metals here and, of course, the blinged out shark tooth.

Shark Fin Ice Tray: Fun ice cube trays are kind of a thing.  I think having some floating shark fins (especially in a punch bowl) would just make drinking water that much more fun.

Luv AJ Shark Tooth Ear Cuffs: I did a post back in June about cute ear cuffs and this shark tooth-inspired set would fit in nicely.

Tiffany Chou Shark Tooth Double Ring: I’m also really into double finger rings (demonstrated here and here) and now I clearly NEED this gold shark version.  Seriously, I want this in a major way.

Shark Bite Oven Mitt: Kind of silly but also kind of AWESOME.

Ettika Satin Braid Shark Bead Bracelet: This is like a friendship bracelet that got 1,000 times more awesome with little gold shark teeth.