Melanoma Monday

melanoma monday 2

Today is MELANOMA MONDAY, e.g. the yearly designated day by the American Academy of Dermatology to raise awareness for skin cancer and to encourage early detection through self-examination.  I’m kinda preachy when it comes to sun protection (#SorryImNotSorry) but, let me explain. Obviously I’m someone who has always HAD to wear sunscreen, due to the fact that my skin resembles a wedding dress, so I’ve never really had a choice to NOT wear SPF…but here’ the thing, I’m posting a photo of myself IN A BIKINI…ON THE INTERNET…so you have to read this whole post. Ok? (nod your head yes)


Skin Cancer Foundation Gala Young Associates After-Party (NYC)


We all know how important skin cancer awareness is to me.  My Aunt Susan passed away at a very young age from the vicious, yet extremely preventable disease.  If you’re in New York on Tuesday, October 15th, you NEED to get tickets to the Skin Cancer Foundation Gala Young Associates After-Party.  For one, you’d be supporting a great cause.  Two, it’s a tax deduction (my world now).  Three, it’s OPEN BAR and there’s an amazing DJ.  If I were going to be in NYC, I’d DEFINITELY be at this party.  You can get tickets HERE.  Oh and my amazing friend April Franzino from SELF magazine is co-chairing the event. She’s awesome, so you should support her!