Introducing: August Anarchy

august anarchy


August Anarchy.  Yes.  Back in June 2011, I briefly blogged about a new “lifestyle” (e.g. diet) that I had been doing for about 2 months and I was LOVING it.  I felt lean, toned and strong…which I really miss.  It’s been a little over two years now and, sadly, I’ve gained a good amount of weight back at this point.  Am I overweight?  Absolutely not.  But do I feel good?  No.  I’m not (and never have been) a naturally thin person and I’ve always had to work REALLY hard to not gain weight, most of which is really just diet and being slightly active.  I’m a carb fiend, guys…no, seriously I LOVE potatoes and pasta and I’ve realized that the only way to avoid gaining is to really just limit my intake to once or twice a week and that’s it.  Period.  No exceptions.  It sucks but hey, as Kate Moss once said, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and it’s really a choice: eating all of the food I love constantly OR being thin.

Long story short, I was inspired by my friend Beth’s journey to lose her baby weight.  Granted, I didn’t have a baby, I’m just LAZY and love pasta, but Beth looks AMAZING. We’re about the same size/build so there’s really no excuse why I can’t do the same thing (seriously, look how fabulous Beth looks after only six months).  Beth did Paleo, which is really similar to what I’ve had success with in the past: Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb Diet.  Basically, I’m going for it.  August Anarchy.  31 days of hard-core Jamie…my friends are going to be annoyed (I tend to not be as social in order to avoid eating “no no” foods and drinks), but I’m doing it.  And when I start to get annoyed, I’ll refer back to THIS Shape.com article, where I was glowing with excitement and energy.

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What do you guys think?  Will you try out the Slow Carb Diet?