(Giveaway) in honor of My 8th “Blogiversary”!


Guys, I honestly can’t believe that today marks my 8TH BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY (“BLOGiversary,” if you will), but it does.  It also marks my first year as a full-time blogger AND, in honor of this monumental occasion, I’m giving away EIGHT of my favorite products (above) to EIGHT winners 🙂  Eight years of blogging…get it?  So yeah, eight of you will win EVERYTHING above. You’re welcome.

Each prize set is valued at more than $300, so make sure to enter and spread the word.

Here’s how to enter and more details on what you will win…


Going Out Purse Essentials

in my purse 2

At this point in my life, I have my “going out” essentials pretty down pat, but still use a little reminder that my friend Anne Fritz Linval told me about YEARS ago.  It’s actually quite genius…it’s the acronym “MILK.”  Money, ID, Lipgloss, Keys.  Now, of course, you can also add cell phone and a few other things to MILK but when it comes down to it, you’ll be a-ok if you just have those four items.  Here’s a list of what I bring out with me when  I go out:

The clutch// Of course, this depends on your outfit, but I’m loving this sequin version lately since the color is a sort of neutral metallic and matches pretty much anything.

Money (M)// Obviously, you need this.  I like to bring at least $5 in cash, which is good for tipping and/or valet, and then a credit card.

ID (I)// Most people are good with just a license, but I like to air on the side of caution and also bring my insurance card just in case I get into an accident or get injured. God, I sound just like my mother right now…


Halloween 2013 Villains Party

Cruella de vil costume

 Wig, long cigarette holder, red gloves, faux fur wrap c/o Express, Black dress (old), Phoebe envelope clutch c/o Sole Society

When my friends decided to choose a “villains” theme for their 4th annual Halloween party, I was insanely excited.  Mostly because, by coincidence, I was already planning to dress up as Cruella De Vil, famous puppy killer.  And, of course, I knew that the lovely team at MAC Cosmetics would be able to help me out with Cruella’s famous eyebrows and face- nailed it.

Mac Makeup

It takes a village (full of makeup) to look like Cruella

Cruella de vil makeup close up

A closeup of the makeup, pre-costume

WISHCLOUDS: When You Wish Upon A Cloud

IMG_9744 copy-M

As you guys know, I’ve hosted quite a few brand events in my time as a blogger. I’m always super picky about the brands that I align myself with because, hello, it’s all about reputation.  When WISHCLOUDS approached me to host an influencer event, I checked out the site and KNEW I had a winner on my hands.  I’ve been “wishing” like crazy and what I love most about the site is that you get notifications (either push to your iPhone or emails) when your wishes go on SALE. I mean.  It’s a great excuse to wish for all of the things that you lust after and just cross your fingers that they go on sale.  You don’t have to keep checking back, WISHCLOUDS will let you know.

Check out all the event photos HERE.

IMG_9482 copy-M


IMG_9483 copy-M

As I mentioned in a previous post my long-time friend, Kenna, did all the sweets and decor!

IMG_9491 copy-M



IMG_9496 copy-M

Sole Society bags and accessories in the gifting room

IMG_9525 copy-M

Lara Bar goodness

IMG_9524 copy-M

Capwell + Co. jewels, all of which I’m obsessed.

IMG_9534 copy-M

 All the goods (Sole Society, Felina, Capwell + Co., Lara Bars)

A rare outfit post: Capwell+Co. event

black and white jumpsuit

MANGO jumpsuit | Alexander McQueen Dragonfly De-Manta Clutch (c/o NetaPorter.com) | Sole Society Elisa Bow Pump (c/o)

If you read my blog on the regular, you know that I almost NEVER do an outfit post and, and if I do post what I’m wearing, it’s usually someone else’s Instagram photo that I stole.  Not kidding.  I really just don’t like posing for photos, the same way that I think selfies are the most awful thing invented during the modern century.  When I see a selfie on Instagram, I actually feel awkward…for the PERSON TAKING IT.

Regardless, I’m trying to expand my “horizons” and try new things, which is why I decided to post an “outfit photo” from the Capwell + Co. event at Bar Marmont last week.  The fabulous jewelry brand revealed new pieces, all awesome, and treated us to some mingling and cocktails, all at one of my favorite bars.  Do I plan many outfit posts in the near future?  Probably not, but you never know…I AM pretty obsessed with Capwell’s collection.  What do you guys think?


Alexander McQueen bag

Alexander McQueen Dragonfly De-Manta Clutch (c/o NetaPorter.com) ON SALE!


Sole Society black heels

Sole Society Elisa Bow Pump (c/o)

P.S. I made a few attempts at photoshopping my veiny feet but, alas, it just looked weird. I embrace my veiny feet, so deal with it.

Photos c/o Glitter N Glue