The Monday Rundown

the monday rundown

NIP + FAB Upper Arm Fix: My arms aren’t what I’d call a “problem area” for me but, you know, a girl can use a little help here and there.  I’m really liking the way this lotion makes my arms feel and look (I believe, at least) firmer.

Donut Pancakes: What’s NOT to like about these?  I’m not big into pancakes but when they look like faux donuts, they’re just plain FUN.

Diptyque “Jonquille” Candle: I’m pretty into the newest scent to the Diptyque family, daffodil.  It’s very spring.

Brevity Signature Necklaces: Nameplate necklaces are so 1998, which is why I’m kind of obsessing over these signature necklaces.  Would it be kind of weird to get your own signature?