Holiday Gift Guide: The best gifts for co-workers

the best gifts for co workers


Buying a gift for someone you may or may not know can be a little awkward, which is why I tend to stick to general gifts that almost ANYONE will love.  When it comes to giving a holiday gift to the random lady in Accounting that you barely know, these gifts will all be a hit.

1. Wine// Almost everyone likes a bottle of wine.  Depending on the budget limit, you can even get them one white and one red, so everyone wins.

2. Nice Candy// There are a ton of great candy options these days. I’m particularly partial to Sugarfina since their candy is amazing quality and the packaging is super cute.

3. Monogram Stationary// You don’t need to know much about a person for this (aside from their first name), and most people don’t buy themselves nice stationary, so it’s a nice treat.

4. Chic Office Supplies// Even though most jobs supply the office supplies, they’re usually pretttty boring.  These fabric-covered thumb tacks will brighten up any office or cubicle (YUCK).

5. A Relaxation Candle// Lavender is a calming scent that’s perfect to burn while you’re under deadline or stressed out with too much work to do.

6. A Gift Card for Coffee// As a last resort, a simple coffee gift card is a no-fail gift that even non coffee drinkers can use!  Hi, Starbucks has amazing oatmeal.