Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy

I love hair tips in general but especially when they’re a little weirdBeautyHigh.com

I love Diane Kruger’s style and especially love this cute outfit she wore at CoachellaTheBudgetBabe.com

We already did beauty uses for mayo and Bryce took on beauty uses for yogurt! – TheLuxurySpot.com

Breaking news: Emma Stone got bangs (and I love them) – Allure.com

Homemade limoncello takes me back to my study abroad in Italy. Obsessed. – StyleWithinReach.net

Men who groom their brows have always been intrigued me and, here, Jeannine gives them some tips – BeautySweetSpot.com

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy


Leah and Mary have a really awesome (and quick) video on how to create the perfect gallery wallAFabLife.com

I LOOOOVE this healthy lunch bowl…so filling and delicious – StyleWithinReach.net

The first piece in my new weekly beauty steals column for The Budget Babe! – TheBudgetBabe.com

OMG. This new app is hilarious and awful all at once – TheLuxurySpot.com

It’s a new thing: the emoji maniRouge18.com

An interesting read…the one thing super successful people never do in the morningHuffingtonPost.com

Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a pouf for my apartment and I really like these DIY versionsBrit.co

Snooki and J WOWW dress up as famous TV duos…it’s just too good to resist – TheLuxurySpot.com

I saw The Hunger Games Catching Fire last night and I fell in LOVE with the wardrobe.  Here are a few “real life” options InStyle.com

I love this outfit for any holiday event – BowsandSequins.com

These photos are making me realllly excited for the holiday season – StyleWithinReach.net

The genius’ at Buzzfeed went ahead and ranked every single episode of Buffy The Vampire SlayerBuzzfeed.com