Spring Fling

bebe spring fling

There aren’t really many brands that I would drive almost two hours to see (and also on my birthday), but I do love me some BEBE.  Ok, so the event was actually only six miles from my house, but since my birthday/the event also happened to be on the same morning as the LA Marathon, I ended up getting lost in the Hollywood Hills trying to find a way to get south of Sunset Blvd…these are #LAProblems, OK?  Regardless, BEBE dressed me in this Strapless Tribal Mini Dress that made me feel like post-baby Kim Kardashian, but here’s the thing…I was completely hungover from my birthday party the night before.  I questioned whether or not to reveal exactly WHY I’m not sharing any full body shots with you guys but, truth be told, I look GOD AWFUL in them so #SorryImNotSorry I’m not posting them.  You can see part of me in the photo above, very strategically hiding behind Rachael and An, I might add…this ain’t my first rodeo.

I digress.  Hangover and insane heat aside, I love a good BEBE Spring Fling, hosted by Sydne Summer; we dined, we laughed, we chatted and, of course, we/I drank champagne to help cure the aftermath of my birthday party.

Also make sure to check out last year’s event HERE.

be spring fling 5

bebe spring fling 2

bebe spring fling table


Reader Question: Where can I find cheap statement necklaces?

cheap statement necklaces

Question: Hey Jamie,

I need help. I need retail therapy, but am not rich enough to buy as many new colorful things as will make me happy. I believe you will know the answers: where do I get inexpensive statement necklaces?!  I need a style guide- please help!


Hi “S”!

I feel your pain.  One of my fashion blogger friends, Sydne Summer, get me hooked on the costume jewelry from Forever21, especially for statement necklaces!  It would be easy to buy one of the gorgeous (or designer) $300 versions, but even easier to get THIRTY statement pieces from Forever21, for the same price.  Here are a few of my favorites (clockwise).  Happy shopping!

Geo Bib Necklace | Spike Link Necklace | Pointed Bib Necklace | Faux Stone Cluster Necklace | Faceted Faux Stone Necklace | Cutout Geo Crescent Necklace | Tiered Crescent Necklace