The Young Hollywood Awards (with Crest)

Young Hollywood Awards

Me with the lovely Cat Deeley in the Crest lounge

When Crest approached me and asked if I wanted to attend this year’s Young Hollywood Awards my first reaction was “ohhhh fun!”  My second reaction was “wait…am I too old to attend the Young Hollywood Awards?”  I’m not gonna lie and say that I knew every nominee (cause I soooo didn’t) or that I even knew who every performer was (THAT was pretty funny), but I decided that if Ian Ziering can attend the Young Hollywood Awards, then so could I.  In fact, he and Tara Reid actually accepted an award for “SharkNado,” true story, and I got a hilarious video of Tara thanking the fans for “Twittering”…nice one.

Anywho, the Crest-sponsored awards show actually had a lot of “older” stars that I was pretty excited to see, like Ian Somerhalder, who is just as hot in person, and Ms. Lauren Conrad, who’s gorgeous smile basically inspired me to finally commit to using Crest’s  brand new 1 Hour Express Whitening kit.  I DID try their previous version that took 2 hours for every use and yeah…I couldn’t get through it.  For some reason, the minute someone tells me I can’t drink water for two hours, I immediately NEED that water.  But one hour?  THAT I can do, for sure.

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