The Shandy

the shandy

After an event like the Super Bowl, depending on your guests, you very well might be left with an extra six-pack or two in the fridge. Solve this dilemma with THE SHANDY, a traditional English drink that mixes beer with “lemonade” – actually a lemon-lime soda. You’ll drink half as much alcohol in each drink, but get to customize your flavor with every glass, turning that boring six-pack into something far more fun. You can find The Shandy style pre-mixed by lots of brewing companies, but when it’s so easy to make, you might as well try it yourself and have some fun with it.


  • Beer*
  • Citrus soda
  • Fruit, optional


  • Use a large beer glass
  • If using fruit, muddle in the bottom of the glass before you add any other ingredients
  • Fill about halfway with soda, then top with beer, adjusting the proportion to taste

The Shandy is best made with a light beer. I used a hoppy, light German pilsner and muddled fresh raspberries into it, which gave my Shandy a lovely pink tinge, with a bit of extra sweetness. Use whatever you have on hand – although I prefer it with a wheat beer, IPA, or any light ale.  Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges work especially well with wheat beers, and all types of berries add a nice flavor.

If you don’t have a muddler, it’s worth investing in one. You can use them more than you might think – I love to muddle fresh fruit or herbs into my water for a tasty everyday drink. Here are some of my favorite muddlers:

Jo Walker, Intern