Boscia Tsubaki beauty oil

boscia Tsubaki beauty oil

Like so many people, I spent my whole life being terrified at the idea of putting oil on my face.  And then, a few years ago, I realized the magical powers that a good facial oil can have, especially for dry, sensitive skin like mine.  But guys, even acne-prone skin can handle a good facial oil so don’t be scared to try one out.  I recently tested out Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil and oooooohmygod, it’s awesome.  So what is it, exactly?  An anti-aging botanical blend that works to provide serious hydration and protection against free radical damage for ALL skin types.

This beauty oil is an awesome source of  fatty and omega 3 acids, which are fab for the skin, and Wakame (Japanese sea kelp) in the product works to repair past damage by replenishing protein and helping to support natural collagen production. Rice bran oil restores the look of skin for a glowing, gorgeous complexion with its lightweight, non-greasy texture.  By the way, Tsubaki (Camellia) oil has been an essential part of Japanese beauty rituals for centuries…so that’s gotta mean something.