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Lately I’ve been trying to test out products that I’d normally write off at as “marketing hoopla” or really just something I’m just not interested in trying because, hey, I AM a beauty blogger and it IS my job to test out EVERYTHING, right?  These three products, though I was skeptical, pleasantly surprised me…


(Giveaway) in honor of My 8th “Blogiversary”!


Guys, I honestly can’t believe that today marks my 8TH BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY (“BLOGiversary,” if you will), but it does.  It also marks my first year as a full-time blogger AND, in honor of this monumental occasion, I’m giving away EIGHT of my favorite products (above) to EIGHT winners 🙂  Eight years of blogging…get it?  So yeah, eight of you will win EVERYTHING above. You’re welcome.

Each prize set is valued at more than $300, so make sure to enter and spread the word.

Here’s how to enter and more details on what you will win…


The Gilded Eye


I have a confession to make.  I, Hannah Cranston, am a gold digger.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking—I’m not that kind of gold digger (although it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for my barren wallet), but I AM a self-professed beauty gold digger. 

As a #beautynewbie, I cannot just settle for any old make-up trend.  I’m on the prowl for the biggest and best trends and products to add to my beauty arsenal.  And this week, I struck gold…literally.


From The Grammys to NYFW to the Oscars, the gilded eye has become the golden rule for rocking one of the hottest beauty trends of 2014.  I was absolutely inspired by AMY ADAMS at the Oscars…this look is almost as good as when she got up to dance with Pharrell, btw.

Naturally, I couldn’t pass up being a part of this cosmetics gold rush, so I decided to jump on board and get my glitter on.


I first covered my eyelid in URBAN DECAY EYESHADOW PRIMER POTION IN SIN.  I then used STILA BAKED EYESHADOW TRIO CHAMPAGNE on my outer eyelids to give my gilded eye a smoky effect.  To cover my inner eyelid, I used L’OREAL PARIS INFALLIBLE EYE SHADOW IN BRONZED TAUPE to really start bringing the gold into the equation.  Finally, shiz got real when I used URBAN DECAY HEAVY METAL GLITTER EYELINER IN MIDNIGHT COWBOY to line my eye.  Let me just tell you, this product is definitely worth its weight in gold; the brush is easy to use and provides major glam.

I feel as good as gold (had to get one last “gold” pun in there).

Have a trend you’d like to see me try?  Tweet me @han_cran, #beautynewbie, with your suggestion!


Hannah Talks Bone Structure and being a beauty newbie


As I mentioned in my first post, I’m at a point in my life where I need to develop my “adult” identity—dare I say, I’m having a quarter life crisis.  I am exploring all of the things that I believe my grown-up persona should encompass: how I will pursue my career aspirations, what my political beliefs are, and if I’m the kind of person who can pull off a chic crop top or not (Jamie’s note: she CAN. I’ve seen her do yoga)  I know that the way that you present yourself to the world is crucial, but as a newbie to the beauty scene (you mean, there is more to a beauty regimen than eyeliner and mascara?), I have not quite figured out what that look will consist of yet.  Am I a bold cat-eye kind of girl?  Can I rock a hot pink lip a la Jessica Biel?  Or, am I more of natural, Urban Decay Naked Palette, kinda lady?  The jury is still out.

But, I invite you to join me on my Beauty Newbie journey, as I try out the latest tricks and trends (with some much needed guidance from the beauty expert herself, Jamie), discovering and developing my big girl self.

First up, contouring and highlighting—a simple but essential beauty trick.  After catching a glimpse of Lena Dunham on the cover of Vogue’s February Issue, I couldn’t help but notice her gorgeous bone structure.

lena dunham VOGUE

Now while I believe that every woman is beautiful, I think we all know she didn’t, in the words of Beyoncé, “wake up like dis.”  To create a contoured and highlighted look like Lena, I followed this guide from Pinterest that provides a step-by-step on the process:


I only used two products to create this look: Josie Maran Argan Creamy Concealer Crayon in Medium 1 for the contours, and Benefit High Beam as a natural highlighter for my skin tone.  I recommend using a contouring color that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone and a highlighter that is close to your skin color, with just a bit of sparkle.  Because both of these products are in cream and liquid form, I just used my fingers to blend the colors into my skin to give it a super natural, ***Flawless look. 

hannah contour

So far, I am digging what this quarter life identity crisis is doing for my “bone structure” and this is definitely one trick that I plan to keep in my beauty arsenal.

Have a beauty trend that you’d like to see me try out?  Tweet me @han_cran, #beautynewbie, with your suggestion!

– Hannah Cranston, Assistant Editor