Weekend To-Do

models with super soakers

Who remembers super soakers?!  Try to find a modern water gun and have a water fight this weekend  (image)

pen pals

Re-connect with an old pen pal.  More on this to come but, in the meantime, check out my former pen pal’s awesome blog here.

grilled peach salad

Before summer is officially over, make sure you grill some peaches with arugula and mozzarella, of course (image)

being nice is the new black

Not to get all after school special on you, but the world is filled with so much anger and hate.  Try being nice to everyone for an entire day and see how much better you feel (image)

night stand

Re-style your nightstand for some new bed karma (image)

vintage perfume bottles

Start a vintage perfume bottle collection cause, why not? (image)