Real Talk: The Truth About Fine Hair


I’m constantly preaching about how much I love my hair extensions, but back in January I decided to go au naturale and let my real hair grow out for a bit.  Why? Why would I ever give up long, thick hair?  Well, for starters, after about eight months straight of having the best extensions ever (keratin-tip, I’m telling you), I started to get nervous about how short/damaged my real hair was underneath everything.  Luckily, the keratin-tip hair extension process is pretty gentle (as long as you take care of your extensions) so I really only had about an inch of split ends once they were out…and that’s basically like just not getting a hair cut for that long- no biggie.

Over the years I’ve MASTERED the art of my fine hair and how to beat what I annoyingly ended up with but, hey, I’ve got PLENTY of other amazing qualities, thankyouverymuch.  Here are a few of my trade secrets for fine hair…


Reader Question: How can I get thicker eyebrows?

how to get thicker eyebrows

Hey girl, hey.

I need your beauty help.  I need a serum or product that will help fill in a bald spot in my eyebrows. I want the hair to grow back so I don’t have to fill it in with a powder.  Any ideas?

– “A”

Hi A!

This is a really great question because who doesn’t want fuller eyebrows?!  Here are three really good suggestions, and you can even use them all together if you really want to go crazy 🙂  Good luck and keep me posted with your results!

1. Viviscal: I’ve personally been using Viviscal for about a year and am super impressed with the results.  I actually use it to make the hair on my head thicker, but I’ve definitely also noticed that my leg hair grows back faster and it’s been shown to also help with eyebrows!  This supplement contains a combination of marine proteins, acerola cherry (an antioxidant), and horsetail extract, a form of silica — all of which are good for promoting healthy hair growth and hydrated follicles.

2. Latisse: Most people use this for their eyelashes but you can also put it on your eyebrows; it’s pretty much the gold standard of hair growth.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced: During clinical studies, 100% of testers said they had noticeable eyebrow growth after using this product…pretty awesome.  This serum is formulated with an advanced Pentapeptide chain and is rich in botanical extracts and vitamins to help strengthen and condition skin and brow hair. With regular, twice-daily use, this product helps you to achieve fuller, longer, and more youthful-looking brows with less breakage.