Unique wedding gift ideas

unique wedding gift ideas

Ah, wedding season…somehow I’ve managed to skate by with just a wedding here and there and haven’t experienced anything like a few of my friends (some have nine weddings this summer!).  With that said, I had a close friend get married recently but I wasn’t invited to the actual wedding…so what do I get her?  I wanted to get something creative and different that she would really appreciate (unlike that super fun serving spoon).  Here are four unique wedding gift ideas that are anything but ordinary and definitely not on the registry.

The New York Times 36 Hours: The ultimate U.S. travel guide to cities and destinations featured in the New York Times popular column, “36 Hours”…perfect for any couple that loves to travel.

Jonathan Adler Key Keeper Box: The decorative Key Keeper box stores and conceals tiny trinkets…perhaps wedding rings when they’re not being worn?

Anniversary Wine Box: This box has three separate compartments for wine (not included), to be opened and enjoyed on the couple’s 1st, 3rd and 5th anniversaries. Engraved along the front is a tree bark pattern, customized with the “carved” initials of the happy duo.  So brilliant.

MOUTH Snacks Every Month: The whole mailing craze isn’t going anywhere any time soon and you can get practically anything delivered to your home on a monthly basis these days…but yeah, getting snacks delivered to your door?  I can’t think of any married couple who wouldn’t appreciate this.