8 Products You Absolutely NEED When You Travel

Because these products will make any trip just that much better…


Here Are 5 Beauty Products You Need When You’re Traveling

Because I never fly with out these essentials…


My Facial Care Routine in Iceland

When it comes to my face, you guys know I take my skin very seriously. Funny enough, I feel like I’m even MORE selective as far as products when I travel because you have to find products that are travel-friendly (i.e. smaller than 3.5 oz. and won’t randomly explode inside your bag) AND actually do their job. Easier said than done, trust me.

I decided to partner with Mary Kay for all my face care needs on my trip to Iceland because, quite frankly, they have amazing products that hit every skincare need that I have: moisturize, hydrate dry skin (Iceland is COOOOLD), and protect. READ MORE