The Flat Iron That Passed the Thailand Humidity Test

Panasonic flat iron

Because my hair infamously doesn’t stay straight in humid climates…

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Panasonic. The opinions and text are all mine.

Panasonic flat iron

Panasonic flat iron

If you read my post from earlier this month (before my Thailand trip) then you know I was excited to test out the Panasonic’s EH-HS99-K nanoe™ Flat Iron and Styling Iron in Thailand’s hot, humid heat.  I have a running joke between me and my friends that literally as soon as I step off a plane in any tropical location, my hair instantly looks like Monica Geller-at-the-beach hair and, let me tell you, I only recently learned to embrace it.

That said, given that I was planning on spending three days on a super yacht I wanted to at least try to get my hair to a somewhat normal state…and since the Panasonic nanoe flat iron is also dual voltage (i.e. perfect for international travel), I knew it would be a great time to test out the iron’s effectiveness.

Panasonic flat iron

Here’s why this Panasonic flat iron is amazing…

1-) You choose the temperature based on your hair type and texture.

If you have super thick hair, you can go higher.  Since I was in extremely high humidity, I put the flat iron on its max temperature setting. At home, I go a little lower.

2-) Like I mentioned, universal voltage for travel.

Thailand actually uses outlets that work with American appliances but that certainly wasn’t the case for Iceland, Australia or Europe.  It’s good to play it safe with a dual voltage flat iron since, even if the outlet fits, that doesn’t mean the voltage will be.

3-) Auto shut off.

Safety first, especially when you’re on a super yacht and the wine is flowing.  This flat iron will automatically shut off when not in use after 60 minutes.

4-) Even heat distribution.

The ceramic plates allow the heat to be disbursed evenly from root to ends so that the heat is evenly disbursed and, one note- while styling your hair with the EH-HS99-K flat iron, you may hear a soft humming noise—this is the sound of nanoe technology being emitted from the tool.

Panasonic flat iron

The verdict after using this iron in Thailand?

You can see in the photos that my hair is definitely straight and as frizz-free as humanly possible when it’s 95 degrees and humid outside.  Truthfully there’s no tool or product that would ever be able to give me pin-straight locks circa 2003 but I was SUPER HAPPY with the level of straight and smooth that the Panasonic nanoe gave me on my trip. I’d 100% recommend it to anyone for everyday use but especially if traveling internationally!

Panasonic flat iron

What do you guys think? Are you sold on this flat iron for tropical travel? Have you tried it for yourself? Tell me below.


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