My Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Makeover

Because I’m really obsessed with my new dining space…

I hesitated whether or not I wanted to post about my dining room makeover, which I finished mid February right before Coronavirus got really bad here in the United States.  But I took a poll on my IG Stories asking if I should share or hold off and guess what?  97% of people who voted said they wanted to SEE this shit.

I get it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a pretty distraction while we’re all dealing with quarantine and the current state of the economy, you know?

But real talk…would I have spent this kind of money re-doing my dining room if I had known what was going to happen?  Absolutely not.

But am I glad I did this dining room makeover? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

It was a really fun process for me since I learned so much from my original apartment decorating process back in 2016/2017.  You can see the first version of the dining room HERE, just in case you’re curious.  It’s not that I didn’t like the original version, I did…it just never felt quite like ME and this version really, really does.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Mid-century buffet cabinet

Glass and brass dining room table

Olive dining room chairs

Decorative Accents

Black and white dots art print with gold frame

Ivory/multi-color rug

Golden sphere ceiling lamp

Cobalt and gold swirl vases (large and small)

Faux onion grass planter

Gold hands vase

Gold decorative apple (old but similar here)

Books: Beaches, Young Hollywood and Women Before 10am


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