15th Blogiversary giveaway: The Foot Facial You Need for Summer

barefoot products for Foot Facial

Welcome to day two of my 15-year blog anniversary giveaway series…

Foot Facial products from barefoot scientist

Today is all about getting your feet right for summer cause, let me be honest, my feet have been a hot pedicure-free mess for the past year of quarantine and I’m very over it at this point.

15th Blogiversary giveaway: The Foot Facial You Need for Summer

I constantly rave about my friend Dana’s brilliant foot care skincare brand Barefoot Scientist, and for good reason guys.  Their stuff is LEGIT when it comes to all things foot skincare and pampering and I’m soooo excited to partner with them today to help you get your best summer sandal-ready feet ever.

Here’s how to give yourself a foot facial in three easy steps…

exfoliating foot peel for Foot Facial

Step 1: Do a DEEP exfoliation.

Barefoot Scientist Reboot Exfoliating Foot Peel is next-level amazing for feet exfoliation.  This foot peel achieves a full skin renewal cycle in about a week. This is while being specifically formulated with mild exfoliants to be extra gentle on sensitive skin. Alpha-hydroxy acids start the exfoliation process, while antioxidant-rich fruit extracts delicately moisturize your skin.  I use this every month or so for a full foot refresh and, just a heads up, peeling time does vary and go anywhere between one to two weeks. (i.e. if you have an important event where you need to wear open toed shoes, just be aware cause you WILL peel…and love it).

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Barefoot Scientist Pure Grit Revitalizing Mineral Scrub for foot facial

Step 2: Manually exfoliate.

Once you’ve washed and dried your feet after the Reboot treatment, apply the Barefoot Scientist Pure Grit Revitalizing Mineral Scrub gentle exfoliating foot scrub.  Trust me, it’s a nice add on treatment after Reboot and you will see instant results in terms of smoother skin.  This scrub deep cleans the foot, buffs away dead skin, and pulls out impurities for soft, radiant feet.

It also releases a subtle eucalyptus scent for a spa-like experience. Icelandic volcanic sand (my fave!), bentonite clay and quartz stimulate cell regeneration and naturally purify by removing accumulated dirt, grime and toxins. Natural oils and shea butter restore hydration by fortifying the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss and provide skin with added protection from harsh elements.

hydrating cream from barefoot scientist

Step 3: Apply a super thick moisturizer

If you know me, you know I loooove a good moisturizer on my typically dry skin.  When it comes to hydrating your feet, you can go even harder with the hydration and Barefoot Scientist High Dive Intensive Hdration Cream is hands-down the best foot cream I’ve used ever. Period.

In fact, the skin actually loses moisture faster than anywhere else on the body. As such, the brand developed a breakthrough formula that replenishes and retains optimal hydration levels all day long.  Also, this innovative (and luxurious, IMO) cream contains 15 of the world’s most effective moisturizers. It includes four types of hyaluronic acid, shea butter, glycerin, ceramide NG, podiatrist-recommended urea and other healing botanicals. These helps restore water content, retain hydration and promote cellular elasticity. High Dive also combines all four types of moisturizing methods—humectants, emollients, ceramides and occlusives—for soft, silky smooth feet.

Now that I’ve sold you on this easy, three-step foot facial, you can enter below to be one of 15 winners to win their Reboot Exfoliating Foot Peel!


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Barefoot Scientist Reboot Exfoliating Foot Peel!

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