2009 Skin Resolutions

So I’ve been breaking out the last few weeks and I’m NOT happy about it. I’ve decided to chalk it up to the fact that I’ve been slacking and condoning bad skin habits! In 2009, my new year skin resolutions are:

1) Always wash my skin before I go to sleep:
Besides foundation on my white pillow case, there’s no faster way to break out than not washing my face before bed.

2) Wear sunscreen EVERY day:
As much as I preach SPF, I too sometimes forget and slack. Wearing SPF is the BEST way to prevent wrinkles and sun damage so I need to step up my game for sure.

3) Don’t “pick” at my skin:
We all do it. You get a zit and you want to pick/pop/destroy it. While I do believe it’s sometimes necessary (when they hurt), picking at your face can prolong the breakout as well as cause scarring and scabbing.

4) Clean my makeup brushes more often:
Oil and bacteria can build up and cause breakouts! If you don’t have makeup brush cleaner, a baby shampoo can also do the trick!

Here’s to better skin in 2009!

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