3 awesome products with super chic packaging


Because it’s a BIG bonus when great products come in awesome packaging…


Tatcha Gold Camelia Nourishing Lip Balm: This lip balm actually has a 24-karat gold leaf on it. Seriously, I didn’t believe it myself until I swiped the top for the first time and the gold disappeared.  “Oh crap, I used all the gold on my first swipe!” went through my head but, honestly it was so worth it.  Camellia oil and squalane penetrate deeply for lips that are supple and nourished and, of course, feel like pure GOLD.


Cosmedicine Primary Care Perfected Daily Moisturizer SPF 20: The packaging of this entire line is really just on point, ladies.  But putting aside the chic-ness of this daily moisturizer, I love how unbelievably lightweight it feels, yet still hydrates my skin daily, with broad-spectrum SPF 20 to boot.  This moisturizer is also clinically shown to increase elasticity & hydration while reducing dryness, so there’s that not-so-little awesome factor as well.


Kevin Murphy Blonde. Angel. Wash: I’ve been meaning to try out this stuff for what feels like MY WHOLE (BLONDE) LIFE.  The lavender-infused color enhancing shampoo refreshes blonde tones and uses optical brighteners to rescue the dulled color and also restore shine. By the way, it also works on grey hair!


Photos by Azusa Takano

2 thoughts on “3 awesome products with super chic packaging

  1. Hi, Jamie! Thank you for your feedback on our products. We are glad you love Primary Care and our packaging. Your photos are great… that bracelet pretty much looks like you stole it from one of our photo shoots. 🙂 -Jenny

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