3 Awesome Volumizing Hair Powders

volumizing hair powder

Because much like our forefathers, I’m all about the hair powder…

#ThickHairDontCare, am I right?  You’d be surprised how helpful a little hair powder is when it comes to making your hair look a little fuller and bigger, especially at the roots. These three are in my current rotation…

Davines Volume Creator

Davines Volume Creator Texturizing Wood Powder: This awesome powder, inspired by wood dust (btw), is dispensed through a soft brush, enabling precision and controlled application. The brand drew inspiration from cosmetic powder brushes since brush and powder traditionally work well together.

Matrix Height Riser

Matrix Height Riser Volumizing Powder: Height riser, INDEED.  This lightweight powder adds a good amount of oomph to your roots – e.g., it’s definitely a styling product and not just a volumizing powder, but I love that my hair is still super flexible after I use this stuff and has a good amour of grip to it.

aveda pure abundance hair powder

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion: I’ve actually been using this stuff for years and still love it.  This powder transforms into a light lotion once warmed up in your hands and once you apply it to the roots of your hair, it actually instantly thickens hair by 17%!  I usually put a quarter-size amount of powder into my hands and then focus on applying it at the back of my head for a higher, more teased look.



4 thoughts on “3 Awesome Volumizing Hair Powders

  1. I have very fine thin hair. The only product I use currently is Nioxin #2. You seem to have more hair than I do. I am 47 years old and just have noticed slow progression with hair thinning as I get older. I am adopted so I have no idea what or if my parents or other family members had an issues with balding. My huge problem I have is waking up in the morning and my hair looks awful because of the oil in my hair which shows up since my hair is not thick. Any ideas for me to try? I definitely am throwing around trying the rogaine foam and the aveda powder. Please help:)

    • You sound just like me. I recently turned 48 and have watched as my previously long blonde hair has thinned and now is shoulder length at best. I’m starting pantene rogaine after taking biotin for a year with no noticeable results. My hair seems to just break off so easily so I was trying to help it from the inside out. No luck. I might try the Aveda just to make it look fuller. Good luck. My mom has thin hair, so I do believe it is genetic.

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