3 Beauty Products That Work WHILE You’re Showering

in-shower beauty products

Because I’m all about multi-tasking…

The idea that you can now actually DO beauty treatments in the shower (some while simultaneously washing your hair) is pretty fantastic, right?  I was first drawn to the St. Tropez in-shower product because self-tanning is actually pretty annoying and I thought “hey, this might also make it less messy!”  Then I figured…why stop there?

Here are three of the best in-shower beauty products…

in-shower beauty products

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler:

Now I was skeptical about this product at first. How is it possible that you can actually style your hair IN THE SHOWER?  But, low and behold, if you’re into the air-dried look this is 100% for you.

Basically, the product is formulated so that the styling ingredients are activated when your hair is lightly rinsed and the excess product is removed.  Then, as the hair dries, it contracts and gives you super pretty natural waves!  Hot tip from the brand: If you have naturally straight hair (I don’t), try putting your hair in braids or buns and letting it air dry.

St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion:

I love a buildable self tanner…you know why?  Less mess and less risk of messing it up, ha.  This one is a new fave because you literally just apply it in the shower, wait three minutes and then rinse it off.

Bonus: It’s made with a 100% natural DHA and infused with sweet almond oil, which is super nourishing for your skin.  You can also use it daily and won’t look crazy since it’s so natural-looking and, in fact, for best results you want to use it for three or more consecutive days!

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer:

This version from Jergens is similar to the St. Tropez version BUT you actually don’t wash it off!  It’s specifically developed to be applied on wet skin and, when blended with water, the lotion actually locks in moisture and color.

After washing, turn your shower off, simply glide the lotion evenly onto wet skin. Start with a dime size on each arm and a quarter size on each leg and adjust as needed. Use sparingly around elbows, knees and ankles. Rinse hands after use. Dry and go. No need to rinse off or wait.  And no, it won’t stain your towels!

What do you guys think? Do you love in-shower beauty products?


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