3 insanely cool masks

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Because they’re fun, and also really awesome…

Patchology Leopard Hydrate FlashMasque: If you’ve seen my blog before then you know I love some subtle leopard print.  Naturally, this mask gave me all the feelings of happy when I first read about it, and then even more happy when I actually tried it with it’s mega-dose of moisture.  This super-charged boost of hydration delivers results in just 5 minutes and your skin will get the vital moisture it craves leaving it silky, replenished and youthfully plush and dewy.  I seriously wish I had ten more of these!

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Skinn Cosmetics Four-Piece Infusion Single Use Facial Mask Set: With this set you actually get FOUR facial masks, two for firming and lifting and two for recover and renew, but the lace version that I’m wearing is actually Firming & Lifting.  How pretty is this lace?!  The Infusion Firming and Lifting Mask is formulated with an innovative tightening and anti-sagging active naturally derived from a complex of oats.  But what’s also super cool is that it’s also infused with glycolic acid for gentle exfoliation, revealing a firmer and more “lifted” appearance.

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The Face Shop Cherry Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch: my GOD do I love weird beauty products from Korea and Japan!  How COOL is this?!  I mean, sure, it doesn’t really “stick” to your lips at all (or at least it didn’t on mine), but the jelly-type lip mask is formulated with cherry extract that offers nutrition to the lips and, of course, feels super hydrating.  I wore this baby for about 10 minutes and my lips felt moist (gross word, I know, but it’s true) and any dryness was totally gone.

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Photos by Azusa Takano

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