3 Products I’m Currently REALLY Into

Because I constantly try products and sometimes I find gems that don’t fit into any specific roundup…

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet in Military Red: I know, I know…there are tons of matte-cream lip products out there but, I swear, this one is legit fantastic. The texture is whipped and feels VERY hydrating when you apply it on (even after an hour or two goes by).  It’s rich in pigment, non-sticky and definitely doesn’t crack or dry…basically it’s my new favorite and a purse staple.

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic: I first tried this when I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror and gasped at how flaky it looked. What did I need? Some glycolic acid that would exfoliate, but not dry me out.  This baby has just that, along with aloe vera (to soothe and hydrate) and ginseng, which improves circulation and energizes. It’s alcohol-free and my skin always looks smooth and bright after I use this stuff.

Honeybelle Ultra Hydrating Rose Body Creme: I was introduced to this product at the Indie Beauty Expo a few months back and literally gasped when I felt how soft and whipped this body creme was. It also smells like roses, btw (my favorite).  Aside from the heavenly texture, the creme is composed of organic aloe juice, coconut oil and other good-for-your-skin natural ingredients. Side note: they also alerted me to the fact that the smell of roses is known to balance the heart and promote emotional stability.



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