3 rose-scented products great for people who don’t like to stop & smell the roses

Because I know not everyone loves the smell of roses in beauty products, but these are LEGIT for everyone…

Cover me in the scent of roses all day every day. I can’t get enough of the Diptyque Roses candle, slather me up in this REN rose body oil, and this moisturizer? So worth the spend.  But I get it…I actually here pretty often how much some people really dislike the smell of roses in their beauty products.  So in honor of today being Valentine’s Day, here are three rose-scented beauty products that you’ll love, even if you’re just not that into rose-scented beauty products on a regular basis.

Yes To PrimRose Oil Wipes: I never say no to a good makeup removing wipe and this version, with primrose oil, is amazing for all skin types, but especially sensitive skin since it’s formulated to calm and sooth the skin.

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals: Another cleansing product especially awesome for sensitive skin (but also for all skin types!), this version is a three-in-one: cleanse, purify and soften your face with the super light scent of rose petals.

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Bath & Shower Gel: Italian rose oil (yep, these roses are European) is infused in this bath and shower gel and I always feel super glam when I use this in the shower.


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