3 self-tanners that will help you keep your summer tan


Because the end of summer doesn’t mean you can’t keep your summer glow…

Obviously I’m the palest person ever but every once in awhile I have a “oh sh*t, I should bronze myself up a bit” moment.  These three products aren’t traditional self-tanners, per se, but that’s actually what I like about them; they’ll bronze you up with out the work!


Feel Glowing Self Tanning Mousse + Applicator: I LOOOVE a self-tanning mousse, ladies.  This version comes with a mit so you don’t make any streaks, and it’s true that the first time I tried this stuff my day was just a little bit better. It’s made with 100% natural DHA (that’s a good thing), it doesn’t rub off on your clothes and, best of all, I had ZERO streaking.





Volition Thanakha Radiant Bronzer: I was introduced to Volition at an LA press dinner a few months back and was instantly obsessed.  Deemed the “dream elixir” by the Volition community (a community that votes on which products the company should actually produce, btw), Volition formulated this bronzer with the unique ingredient Thanakha. For more than 2,000 years Thanakha has been used as an ingredient in traditional skin-care products by the women of Myanmar and what I REALLY love about this liquid bronzer is that it gives me a super sun-kissed look. As a bonus, it also blurs and conceals if you have any blemishes or dark spots!

How I use it: The first time I tried it I just applied the product straight to my face and loved every second of it, but you can also mix it into your foundation or moisturizer if you want a more subtle, highlighter-esque look.


Nuxe Precious Scented Shower Oil with Golden Shimmer: I love a multi-tasking product more than anything and this is the first cleanser I’ve ever tried that actually has some shimmer in it! Aside from generally just loving this as a shower oil, my bod looks super sheen and slightly more bronzed after I use this stuff.


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