3 sheet masks you never knew you needed

Because sheet masks are one thing, but let’s talk about emoji sheet masks (and cartoon animals!)…

Not gonna lie, when I got the PR pitch for these emoji sheet masks I was pretty excited (mostly for the cat one, clearly). The Cat Heart Eyes Sheet Mask is the obvious favorite but I’m not gonna scoff at the Laugh Cry Sheet Mask either, especially because the ingredients in the one-time use mask help with lifting, brightening and soothing.

Emojis aside, the Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Masks are one of my latest Amazon discoveries.  While I was searching for “cat sheet masks” I stumbled upon this set of four that, yes indeed, does include a cat.  I opted for the Pug version for this post since the pug version (ironically) helps with wrinkles. Major LOL.


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