4 Black Beauty Editors Share Their Favorite Products

photos of 4 Black Beauty Editors

It’s a simple fact: Black women spend more than $7.5 billion on beauty products every year, 80 percent more on cosmetics, and twice as much on skincare than other beauty consumers (source: Refinery29).  So, yes, I’m insanely curious to know the beauty product favorites of Black beauty editors…aren’t you?  I chatted with four editors at three of my favorite publications to get their latest faves 🙂

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments what you think.

4 Black Beauty Editors Share Their Favorite Products

Kayla Greaves on of the Black Beauty Editors@KaylaAGreves

Kayla Greaves: Executive Beauty Editor, InStyle

Having super soft skin from head-to-toe is definitely something I prioritize in my beauty routine.  This ultra-hydrating cream keeps my feet super soft and hydrated all day long no matter the season — and a little goes a long way.

Asia Milia Ware one of the black beauty editors sharing their favorite beauty products@MissAsiaMiller

Asia Milia Ware: Fashion and Beauty Jr. Writer, The Cut

Oooo it’s so hard to share just one beauty product that’s my favorite right now, it’s like asking a mom her favorite kid lol.  But, if I had to choose at this very moment, my favorite product would be Dermalogica’s Milkfoliant. It’s a gentle daily exfoliant that launched this summer and I haven’t put it down yet. It’s an exfoliant that has a milky texture that glides onto the skin so smoothly. After a few months of over exfoliating my skin I wanted something gentle and this has been a game changer, it also has oat so it calms my skin and immediately takes away redness. It helped a lot this summer if my skin was irritated from the sun and needed some calming and it also allows me to exfoliate daily without stripping my skin. My skin’s barrier has only improved since introducing it to my life!

Edin stuart one of the black beauty editors sharing their favorite beauty products@BlackBeatNik

Eden Stuart: Associate Editor, Byrdie

My ultimate test for any beauty product is how often I switch it out. And, in my current routine, the product that makes the cut for pretty much all of my looks is the Fantasize Lifting and Lengthening Mascara from ONE/Size by Patrick Starr. It does exactly what it promises: Lifting and lengthening, defining the lashes so that they look almost falsie-level. Plus, for a mascara that makes such a dramatic difference to my lashes, I get little to no clumping or flaking. Right now, this is the mascara to beat.

Jasmine Phillips at the beach @JasmineNicholle

Jasmine Phillips: Social Media Editor, Byrdie

My latest obsession is The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam. I typically reach for a gel for super-defined type 4 curls, but this product has made me a mousse believer. It has a strong hold minus the crunch and keeps my hair defined and bouncy for days at a time. Lately, I’ve been using it to set my perm rods but this product is also great for wash and gos, braid outs, and more. My only regret is not using this godsend sooner.


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