4 products that will 100% make your pores look smaller


Because I don’t want you to see my pores. Ever.

Pore reducing products - Honestly Jamie

I get a lot of really great questions from you guys, my friends, family, etc. but one question/topic that constantly comes up is the topic of PORES.  Nobody wants them, apparently, and nobody knows how to get rid of them.  Truthfully, I don’t really have large pores myself but my nose area gets mini blackheads so I decided to test out a few “pore reducing” products on that area to see what’s what.  These four are my absolute favorites!


A classic Mean Girls moment.


bliss un-buffing believable smoothing finishing balm: At first glance of this product I was slightly confused because the packaging is space age-y (in a good way) and I was like “hmmm, what?”  But after digging in and trying it, this silky, non-cakey setting powder absolutely made my pore smaller.  Basically non-existent, in fact.  It controls excess oil, while also setting makeup in place for a matte finish (i.e. the best way to hide pores) and it also helps diffuse wrinkles and fine lines so just put that in your pipe and smoke it.  I also really like saying “Un-buffing Believable.”

Blotterazzi - Honestly Jamie

Blotterazzi by Beautyblender: Another product with a super cute name- this one is pretty simple, yet so brilliant.  Waaay better than traditional blotting papers because the award-winning beautyblender material of these remain “thirsty” for your facial oil when they’re dry and I noticed that the pores on my nose were distinctly smaller after I blotted. Done.


Benefit The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine: I knew this baby would be good since Benefit is pretty famous for their pore-reducing products.  The ultralight powder goes on smooth and pretty instantly mattifyed my skin, which was fab.  I also really love that the brush is built-in so it’s ideal for carrying around in your purse for touch-ups or for travel. This one is a WINNER.

Dr. Jart Pore Medic- Honestly Jamie

Dr. Jart Pore Medic Pore Minish Mist: I had always been curious about MISTS and if/how they actually work.  What’s awesome about this version from Dr. Jart is that it not only takes away any shine on the skin, but it also helps CONTROL your face’s oil production so you don’t produce more oil and continue the big pore/greasy skin cycle.  It’s super refreshing when you spray it on and also works as a pretty bomb makeup setting spray, just FYI on that one.


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