5 cool ways to upcycle your wine cork



It’s no secret that I like my wine and I’ve recently accumulated an entire bowl full of the used corks, and that’s also considering the fact that a good amount of wine bottle now have screw tops since there’s a cork shortage, apparently. Or maybe that’s just a rumor to scare the wine obsessors of the world, who knows.  Regardless, I’ve been thinking on cool ways to recycle all of my wine cork, and here are five of my favorite ideas:

wine cork DIY

I’m still making attempts at growing something (anything, really) on my balcony, but this wine cork ID tag is pretty good inspiration (image via ShineYourLightBlog.com)

wine cork DIY 2

My friend Devon made me one of these awhile back and they are SO awesome, it kinda hurts (image via TrendHunter.com)

wine cork diy 3

I love anything with an initial and this cork version would make a really nice addition to any mantle (image via GrowingUpGardner4.blogspot.com)

wine cork diy 4

I love, love these the most. How fun would it be to have a few of these in a nice bowl (image via FaveCrafts.com)

wine cork diy 5

My friend Kristen used wine cork place holders at her 30th birthday and they were a huge hit (image via Pinterest.com)

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