5 Micellar Waters I Love (and 4 reasons why you should use it)

Because it actually has a TON of amazing benefits…

When micellar water first became a “thing” a few years ago I was all “ok, but do we really need another step in our skincare routines?” I think not.  Then I started digging into why these fancy cleansing waters are actually pretty, pretty cool.

They’re low maintenance.

You don’t actually technically wash your face (i.e. make a big sink mess).  All you need is a few cotton balls or pads and boom, you get a soap/fragrance/alcohol-free cleanse.

They double as a makeup remover.

Sure, removing your makeup should always be its own step but, because this solution is made of a tiny micelles (oil molecules made of fatty-acid esters), they are great for drawing out makeup and excess oil on your mug.

They’re great for sensitive skin (like mine!)

Micellar water was actually created because France has hard tap water.  The ingredients are always mild so they won’t irritate or strip your skin.

They travel well.

If you’re trying to be a travel beauty minimalist (like I try to be), then you can really JUST bring a micellar water. No makeup remover, cleanser or toner need apply.  And, best of all, you don’t even need running water if you’re camping or doing something outside or remote.

Here are five of my current favorites…

Erborian Cleansing Micellar Water: I’ve been loving Erborian as a brand and, funny enough, this micellar water was the first product that I tried!  The three-in-one, micellar water is formulated with Erborian’s complex of seven herbs, and gently cleanses the skin every day without drying.  And, since you know I love a clinical study:
In a consumer use test with 32 volunteers, after one month of use:
– 100% saw cleaner skin
– 97% found product to delicately remove makeup
– 94% said that skin felt comfortable

Philosophy Purity Micellar Cleansing Water: Philosophy’s Purity line is fab and I knew I would love this Cleansing Water from their collection.  Powered by micellar technology, this no-rinse cleanser removes dirt, impurities and makeup for skin that feels clean, hydrated, toned and refreshed.  Yes, please.

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Micellar Cleansing Water: Obviously I was first intrigued by the fact that there’s charcoal in Yes To’s version of micellar water!  According to the brand, the charcoal detoxifies skin, getting rid of all the nasties without leaving a black residue.  You have to shake the bottle up to activate and believe me, after I tried this one time my skin was GLOWING.  Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Amy Nadine Calming 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water with Coconut Water and White Tea: Formulated with replenishing coconut water and antioxidant rich white tea, Amy Nadine’s version soothes, calms and hydrates the skin.  I love the fact it contains coconut water- my latest obsession (Invo is my favorite!).

Luzern Urban Protect Micellar Cleansing Water: Luzern recommends their version as a good first step in your skincare regimen since it defends against pollutants!  This facial cleanser lifts impurities away, as well as dirt and bacteria, while keeping your skin hydrated and refreshed.

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