5 Things I Love Right Now

5 things i love right now-2

1. Michael Popp #Poppaganada shirt: You may have read my post back in December where I mentioned a long-time friend was diagnosed with cancer.  Well, I’m happy to report that while he’s not completely out of the woods, he IS doing well.  He’s selling these rad shirts to help with the cost of his recent battle with leukemia and his even more recent bone marrow transplant.

2. La Fresh Nail Polish Remover Acetone-Free Pads: Every time I’m traveling, I always seem to notice that my nails look absolutely awful; it’s like kind of comedic at this point.  With that said, I got SUPER excited when I discovered these little travel pack nail polish remover pads!  I mean, I’m just going to leave them in my “to-go bag.”  Done.

3. Clinique A Different Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skin in “Yellow Genius”: I blogged about the Clinique nail polish line before but I’m really into this limited-edition shade, inspired by Clinique’s original “yellow genius,” its famous moisturizer.

4. Stella and Bow “As If” bracelet: I don’t need to explain my Clueless obsession, or why I love this bracelet.  End of story.

5. NUANCE Salma Hayek Lasting Wear Gel Eyeliner: I have a rough time finding an eyeliner that doesn’t run down my face, true story.  However, I recently tried this gel version from NUANCE Salma Hayek and I LOVE it.  It’s awesome.


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  1. There are so many sad things about this video, not the least of which is, of csuroe, the suffering of people all over the world. However, I think it is despicable for Proctor & Gamble to make a charitable contribution contingent upon sales. Think about it: Why does a company like this have to worry about selling more diapers? Could it be because more parents are using cloth or disposable alternatives that are safer for both their babies and the environment? P&G are resorting to emotionally blackmailing mothers into using their products instead of doing the RIGHT thing, the HUMANE thing, and just donating money to Unicef’s cause. How much did those vaccines cost? 7 cents a pop. P&G could buy tetanus vaccines for every single person on the planet and still have enough money to give their CEOs 6 figure bonuses this year. They should be ashamed.The other really problematic thing here is the way Africa is being portrayed. I’m not sure why or how this supposed taboo developed, but I wonder how recent it is? After all, if this were a long standing taboo, what did women feed their babies before tinned milk or formula was available? I did a little research that suggests that some women in Sierra Leone feed their babies formula to establish a relationship of financial dependence on men. Where did this idea come from? Instead of simply presenting non-Western, non-white people as ignorant or backwards, the media should have a responsibility to do research and unearth the origins or the history of these cultures. Indeed, many of the problems in Africa can be directly linked to European colonial interference and Western corporate greed. Many women in developing nations were discouraged from breastfeeding as a direct result of Nestle’s formula campaign. (I suggest googling Nestle formula controversy for more info.) Much of the world’s famine is due to irresponsible agro-business practices. Let’s not just buy what Proctor & Gamble are selling hook, line, and sinker. Let’s hold them responsible as a multi-billion dollar corporation for doing the right thing just for the sake of it.

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