9 Mistakes You’re Making When You Wash Your Face

9 face washing mistakes you're doing

Because them’s the rules…

So, awhile back I wrote a blog post on how to wash your face when your face really hurts (like after oral surgery!) and how to wash your face with carbonated water (which was v. popular on my YouTube channel) and, today, I wanted to chat about allll the things you are (maybe?) doing wrong while washing your face.

I’m actually curious how many of these face washing mistakes you guys are doing – comment below or DM me and let me know!  Admittedly, I’ve done ALL of these at some point in my life but now I’m insanely strict…with the only exception being that sometimes I occasionally forget to wash my face before bed (ugh- thank you, wine).  Anywho, here are the rules you should be living by when it comes to washing your precious face.

9 Face Washing Mistakes You’re Doing

1. You’re using the wrong cleanser for skin type.

If you read this blog then you’re likely already as obsessed with skincare and your skin as I am and live and die by your skin type, but, just in case, Dermstore has a great article to help you figure it out.  The thing is this- as someone who has dry/sensitive skin, I know 100% that I can’t use most foaming cleansers since the foam is typically pretty drying.  If you’re using a type of cleanser (i.e. foaming, gel, oil, etc.) that’s wrong for your skin, you’re already starting off on the wrong foot.  Note: I linked to some of my fave cleansers below and they’re generally good for everyone unless your skin is on the extreme side.

2. You’re spending a lot of money on cleanser.

Speaking of which cleanser you’re using, here’s a product you definitely don’t need to spend a ton of money on.  Think about it – a cleanser sits on your face for less than a minute, so I always say to save your cash money for products that SIT like serums and moisturizers.  That said, if you enjoy a fancy AF cleanser than you do you.  I will say that the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser is pure luxury.

3. You’re not washing your hands first (!)

This one, funny enough, I feel like gets overlooked ALL the time.  Back when I used to volunteer at Aviva House here in LA, the teenage girls I taught would always giggle when we got on this topic.

Me: “ok, girls. What’s step one?”

Girls: “um…put the cleanser on your face?”

Me: “Girls! No! Gross! You haven’t washed your hands yet!” (ensue group laughter and screaming)

Clean your hands with hand soap before putting them on your face because just think about all the things you touch through out the day. Simple as that.

4. You’re over-washing your face.

One of the most common face washing mistakes. This isn’t a “the more the merrier” type of situation.  Over-washing your face can seriously dehydrate and irriate your skin and, very ironically, over-washing can lead to an overproduction of oil!  Yep, that’s right.  Washing your face too much can make your skin oily.  One to two times per day max, guys.

5. You’re using super hot water.

I get that hot water feels awesome after a long day but hot water is seriously awful for your face (and skin in general, actually).   You want to wash with warm water, k?

6. You’re rubbing your face dry.

You should never, ever, ever rub your face when drying your face.  Patting is key so you don’t pul and tug at your skin, which will eventually lead to wrinkles (!) if done too often.

7. You’re cleansing your face after using a mask.

99.9% of face masks will tell you that you need to apply said face mask on clean, dry skin so washing your skin again after the mask is only going to potentially cause irritation and dehydration, not to mention you’re pretty much also washing away all of the ingredients your skin got from the mask!  Water should be fine for removal – no cleanser necessary.

8. You’re not moisturizing immediately after cleansing.

When I first stared washing my face (funny enough, not until I was in my twenties- not kidding), I would always wash, wait for my skin to dry completely, then moisturize.  Seems logical, right?  Nope.  After cleansing, you ideally want to apply your moisturizer while your skin is still a little damp; this will allow for the active ingredients in your moisturizer (and serums, treatments, etc.) to really sink into your skin and get absorbed.

9. You sometimes forget to wash your face before bed.

Ok, like I said, I’m totally guilty of doing this once in awhile…we all are, right?  I get it. You come home a little buzzed off vodka sodas, you start crawling down an Insta rabbit hole and next thing you know it’s the morning and your face feels crazy dry and you have mascara and eyeliner running down your cheeks.  No?  Just me? lol.

Here’s a tip.  Whenever I know I might have a wild night, I put a pack of makeup removing wipes on my pillow.  There’s ZERO CHANCE I won’t see the makeup wipes if they’re ON MY PILLOW.  It works, trust me.  The times I don’t do this I inevitably end up with little red acne bumps on at least one of my cheeks. Woof.

A few of my favorite cleansers…

Photo by Azusa Takano

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