9 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

9 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Because these gifts are super different but everyone will love them…

9 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

1-) Acupressure mat and pillow:

I’ve already talked about how much I love my acupressure mat HERE (along with all the benefits!), but can I also mention the set makes a fab gift?!  I have a green one but I love this black version (they have tons of colors, actually), and it’s also the most perfect COVID quar gift, you know?

2-) Silked Silk Eye Mask:

A silk eye mask is a MUST for a good night’s sleep (at least for me).  The version from Silked is made with 100% mulberry silk and are silk filled. It’s designed to block out light and provide a restorative beauty sleep.

3-) Black and white marbled mini double foam roller:

Did I need a third foam roller? Probably not. But this one caught my eye not only because it’s chic AF (hello black and white marble! It also comes in pink), but really because it’s mini and will be great for travel…I.e. perfect for any friend who plans on traveling post-COVID and/or exercises a lot.  It has two rollers in one; Use the exterior roller to massage your arms and legs and then pull out the interior roller to release tension in your back.  LOVE.

4-) The Big Activity Book for Digital Detox:

My friend Jordan wrote this book that we ALL need right about now.  Most of us have been spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME on our devices since COVID (yes, I’m very, very guilty) and The Big Activity Book for Digital Detox will be an outlet for anyone who wants to “laugh through the ridiculousness of the digital age.”  Activities include crafting with your obsolete iPhone cords, coloring in the influencer who is so grateful for you guys (I will be insulted if you color anyone else but me, jk), and why gardening is a thing you should try.  I plan to do a digital detox this weekend and this book would be such a gift to anyone who wants to do the same.

5-) Ice roller:

I’ve also raved about how much I love my facial ice roller/WHY you need one and I’ve actually gifted this to two friends are are now equally obsessed.

6-) Big Macs & Burgundy:

For any of your wine-obsessed friends or family members, but the ones who aren’t snobby about it, you know? (hands up).  I bought this book for myself a few weeks ago and I love how the author explains essential wine pairings for everything from popcorn to veggie burgers to General Tso’s Chicken, based on the wildly popular Grub Street column.  Sancerre and Cheetos go together like milk and cookies, take note.

7-) Skull glasses:

I found these glasses via an Instagram ad and I’m not mad about it.  They’re actually made for hot drinks like coffee and tea but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t also use them for wine (my plan).  I love the smaller size since they’re great for cocktails and honestly just look really chic on the counter.

8 -) The Gingerbread Kama Sutra:

Not for the kiddos, obviously, but I LOL’d when I found this kama sutra baking cookbook; it’s the perfect gift for that friend with the best sense of humor.  Easy-to-follow baking templates show you how to make these cookie creations at home, while descriptions from the Kama Sutra mean you can get creative in the bedroom as well as in the kitchen…now if only I haven’t been totally alone since March?

9-) Brightland The Mini Essentials:

First off, let me start by saying I never thought I’d be someone who spends $70 on olive oil but, here we are, and I don’t regret one bit of it.  I first heard about Brightland olive oil from Hitha (she’s an investor in the company), and I DID question my sanity when I ordered their Duo Olive Oil set but, let me tell you, you’ve never tasted olive oil like this.  It’s a total game changer for anyone, not just people who like to cook.  In fact, I actually don’t even use it for cooking because it’s expensive and I prefer using it as a topping on salads, avocado toast and, yes, even ice cream with salt (try it, I swear it’s insane).

They created a super fun “mini essentials” holiday kit where you get the two olive oils I love along with their new-ish fruit forward vinegars; basically it’s a great gift for anyone who loves food. Period.

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