Get the look: Chrissy Teigen at the Grammys

chrissy teigen grammys

I interviewed CHRISSY TEIGEN for my Three Questions With series back in June and that’s when I pretty much instantly formed a girl crush on her.  And then THE GRAMMYS happened and I (along with the rest of the internet) was like “whaaaa?” She looks a-mazing, which naturally inspired me to come up with this get-the-look. To be fair, I don’t know what Chrissy’s makeup artist and hair stylist actually used, but these products will get you similar results, minus being a supermodel, obviously.  Side note, I’m also equally obsessed with Chrissy’s JOHANNA JOHNSON dress

Three Questions With Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy Teigen is one of those people you truly want to be best friends with…or at least, I do.  If you’re not already following her on Twitter, you should be, cause let me tell you- she is hilarious.  And with that said, it was no surprise that we had literally the funniest interview ever and it was truly hard narrowing it down to only three questions!

Q: What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

A: Don’t be so worried…at 22 I felt so lost. What am I gonna do with my career? Am I gonna have a career? I never just stopped and took the moments in, so I would tell myself not to be so worried.

Q: What made you decide to partner with Gillette Venus?

A: They’re just such a wonderful company; honestly, it’s great to see a company being so interactive with women. I’m a girl’s girl.  It’s cool to be with a brand that really appreciates and empowers women- I love it.  We’ve partnered up with Step Up Women’s Network and we’ve done this thing called “Step Up and Step Out” and for every step taken on our blue carpet, Gillette Venus donated $1 to Step Up Women’s Network.  It’s great seeing how quickly something good can be done, via social media, with just a hash tag (#StepUp).

Q: Speaking of social media (Chrissy’s tweets are infamous), what was the one tweet that everyone just freaked out over?

A: Oh, so many come to mind. I’ll say anything tweeting from award shows…some people have some hard-core fans.  So never upset…the fans. (lots of laughter after this) To note, Chrissy is a self-proclaimed member of “the bey-hive,” which is apparently Beyonce fans.

Chrissy’s favorite products:

1. Venus and Olay Razor: “It smells like crème brule!”

2. Tatcha Original Aburatorigami face blotting papers: The model uses these when it’s hot and humid in New York City and mentioned that they have gold flakes in them.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo: Chrissy picks up this brand of dry shampoo at Ricky’s!

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Tuesday Links I Love

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This past weekend was a little stressful but I woke up on Monday feeling refreshed and ready to go.  I’m thinking of upping my meditation time from 15-20 minutes a day to 40 minutes a day, which is kind of huge jump, I know, but might make a big difference? Do you guys meditate for that long (or longer)?



Tuesday Links I Love


This week is gonna be a fun one.  I’ve got a few fun dinners planned with friends and my good friend J’s bachelorette party this weekend!  Oh, and this might be one of the most LA things I’ve ever said but I can’t wait for the RAIN TO COME.  Yes, apparently it’s happening.



Tuesday Web Candy


I definitely haven’t done a Tuesday Web Candy post in awhile, mostly because I just wasn’t really feeling it anymore. It felt old and, I mean, I HAVE been doing it for like eight-ish years, so that kinda makes sense.  After almost just dropping it all together I decided “hey, I actually like sharing what I read on the internet…I find good stuff ,” I decided to just give it a format revamp and be done with it.  I really like the way Hallie does her weekly link love/recap posts so I decided to do a similar format and hopefully you guys all like it!  Click “Read More” to see my favorite reads of the week…


Tuesday Web Candy

chrissy teigen

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Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy


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