A Dedication to Angel

I don’t normally like to write super personal posts but ironically, they usually seem to be my most visited. You may have noticed a lack of posts in the last two weeks and honestly, this post is extremely difficult for me to even write so I’m just going to type it – on December 22nd, I had to put my 16.5 year old cat, Angel, to sleep. Anyone who knows me (or follows me on Twitter) knows how utterly obsessed and in love I was with Angel; I rescued her from a shelter in Carmel, New York when I was TWELVE years old.  Twelve, people.  This means that Angel saw me through my awkward pre-teen years, moved with me five times (including a cross country flight), and was basically my child for the past 16.5 years.  Discovering that she had a large tumor on her liver is probably some of the worst news that I’ve ever received, especially since she was perfectly healthy only six months ago, but I know putting her to sleep was the right thing to do since she was in so much pain.

I’ve been struggling a lot since she passed.  I come home and she’s not at the door meowing, happy to see me.  I’m finding her fur on my clothes.  Her food bowl is still full, waiting for her.  Her Christmas stocking is still hanging over my fireplace.  People keep telling me it will get easier, and I know it will.  This is part of life and Angel lived a VERY long life – she was nearly 100 in cat years, after all.  But I wanted to write a little dedication to her on my blog because Angel was amazing and a truly vital part of my life that I will never, ever forget.  RIP Angel, you’re forever in my heart.

And now, back to beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts!

Photo: Angel, sitting on my lap reading my blog

3 thoughts on “A Dedication to Angel

  1. This post totally had me in tears. I am so sorry to hear about Angel, I can only imagine how painful it must be for you right now. That happened with my kitty Max who was only 10(I know he wasn’t a young kitten but 10 is early for cats to go) and it was so very sudden and heart wrenching. It does get easier but its been two years and he will always always alwayyyyyysss be in my heart. Sorry getting a little emotional here. Anyhow, I got a new cat a few weeks after he passed and she is the most lovely thing ever. Once you’re ready I recommend bringing in another amazing ball of fur into your life.
    Feel better soon!

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