A Few Favorite Candles


Sometimes we all just need a little escape…

Lately I’ve been craving a vacation. And not a weekend in Palm Springs or a visit home to New York, but like a REAL, lay-on-the-beach-until-nightfall VACATION.  Sadly, I’m not sure exactly when I will get that (very specific) request, ha, but in the meantime I’m really enjoying the scents of a few new candles to tide me over.  They say the sense of smell can evoke some really strong memories (as I also talked about here) and also provide you with different feelings and emotions that can literally change your mood…and that’s pretty much a vacation anyway, right?  Here are my latest favorites:

EJH Brand Signature Collection Grapefruit candle (pictured above): I was drawn to this candle due to the fact that there’s a super chic leopard on the candle votive but, once I actually lit the candle, I became OBSESSED with the grapefruit and baise scent.  The wax is all-natural coconut and uses 100% pure essential oils.  So chic.

Stark Waxing Studio Gold Rush candle: This is my go-to “wake the eff up, Jamie” candle.  And by that I mean I light it in the morning to increase my energy cause it’s strong and powerful.  The notes are green sage, grass, basil and roasted cardamom and the candles are 100% soy wax.

Archipelago Botanical Excursions candle in Dubai: Dubai is on my (very long) list of places that I want to visit, and since I’m burning candles to pretend I’m on vacation, this one seemed like a natural fit.  The Dubai artisan candle will fill your room with a sultry blend of amber, mandarin and musk (e.g. SEXY) and is made of 70% natural soy wax, which actually burns longer and cleaner than regular candles.

photo: Owl planter (gift from Salvador!) | BCBG Spiked Apple Jewelry Box | EJH Brand Signature Collection Grapefruit candle

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