A Good Strapless Bra? A MUST.

I was Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding back in August and as anyone who’s ever visited New York in August knows, August is hot, humid and disgusting.  In the midst of spraying my hair down with Elnett and making sure my eyeliner wasn’t running down my face, I realized that the strapless bra I was wearing was completely worn down and stretched out.  Gross.  I realized, yes, it was time to investigate…what brand actually makes the best strapless bra?  Well, right now I’m loving two:

Frederick’s of Hollywood Exxtreme Cleavage Strapless Bra: I’ve raved about this bra to all of my friends because not only does it give you some lift but it totally stays in place – like does not move.

Jezebel Lace Attraction Strapless Bra: This version is for someone who doesn’t need or want the extreme cleavage boost, which is sometimes not so appropriate.  It’s light, supports the chest and converts in seven different ways.

photo: me and the rest of Dawn’s bridal party – August 13th in Chappaqua, NY

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