A Little Lip

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Every once in awhile, I dig through the bottom of my purse and I find an abundance of lip balm gems…

Letting the cat out of the bag here (side note: I never got that saying): I basically hoard lip balm and lip gloss (also mascara!), but I still definitely play favorites.  I’ve always felt that, like clothing, you need to have OPTIONS, based on your current state of lip affairs and, of course, what you’re feeling you want at the moment.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Aquaphor Lip Repair + Protect SPF 30: This lippie is my go-to when my lips are CRAZY DRY and being unruly.  I love that, not only is it like butter on my lips, but it also has broad-spectrum SPF 30, helping keep my lips safe from the sun.

BAR Orange Blossom Lip Bar: I’ve tried a few of the flavors from BAR and I love them all.  This particular Orange Blossom kinda tastes like chocolate to me (maybe I have a one-track mind?) and it’s also just the right amount of moisture to the lips.

Bonne Bell Peanut Butter Girl Scouts Lip Smacker: Speaking of beauty products inspired my food (duh, my favorite), I have a pack of these Girl Scout cookie lip balms and right now I’m enjoying the Peanut Butter version. YUM.  Another favorite is the Thin Mint version (a long-time favorite).

LATHER Lip Protector SPF 15: Light and refreshing- two words to describe this LATHER lip balm.

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