A Sunday face mask fit for Shrek

Wilma Schumann hydra gel aloe vera mask

Halloween weekend brings lots of booze which, in turn, brings lots of skin dehydration…

(Click Read More to see me with the face mask on because,yeah, it’s pretty Shrek-like)

As someone with dry, sensitive skin I can personally attest to the fact that alcohol really does have a super drying affect on the skin and after Halloween weekend, I woke up and was like “holy god, my face feels dry.”  I got a sample of the Wilma Schumann Hydra Gel Aloe Vera Mask awhile back and figured now is the PERFECT time to give myself a Sunday afternoon Shrek look.

Wilma Schumann hydra gel aloe vera mask

So HOT, right?

The mask, though it makes you look like a Disney character, is actually really awesome.  The single-use gel masques are saturated with hydrating, soothing and nourishing ingredients like collagen, aloe vera, allantoin, fruit oil and Hyaluronic acid – e.g. awesome stuff.  You clean your face, apply the mask for 20 minutes and BOOM instant moisture.  Love this thing.

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