A Tight Dilemma

So now that it’s winter, I’ve been noticing a lot of girls wearing summer-type dresses with black tights. I used to cringe at even the thought of wearing tights- even though I LIVED in them when I was little kid. Last week, I saw a very trendy beauty editor wearing a black baby doll dress, black tights and patent leather wedges and she looked AMAZING. Like straight off the runway…BUT she also probably weighs 115lbs. at like 5’8. So yeah…to wear tights or not to wear tights…that is the question. Here you have three very different celebs with very different body types all wearing the same dress but styled in three trendy variations. Lindsay Lohan, doing the pale, bare legged bootie look (I’m still convinced my legs would look like tree stumps in these shoes), Sienna Miller does the beauty editor look of black tights and shiny shoes (my pick for fave), and Nicky Hilton goes for the classically trendy bare (tanned) legs and pointy heels.

One thought on “A Tight Dilemma

  1. Embrace tights! I live in them all winter long. Not that I’m a trend setter or anything, they’re just damn convenient.

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