All The TV Shows I’ve Been Loving Lately

TV Shows I've Been Loving in the living room

Because TV is my favorite and there’s been so much good stuff lately…

TV…isn’t it just the best?  I always laugh when I talk about the TV shows that I love because the list is literally endless.  For the sake of this list not going on for 10 pages, I didn’t include any of the reality shows that I’m watching (ahem Love Is Blind – the best reality dating show ever – or Married At First Site, which is truly just wild.)

What are some of the tv shows that YOU have been loving lately? Comment and let me know <3  I just started Euphoria and, WOW, wish me luck.


The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window (Netflix)

I still can’t manage to remember this full title with out looking at Kristen Bell’s Instagram. But, that aside, this short series is just SO good. I watched the entire thing back-to-back because I simply had to know who the murderer was.  It’s a who done it kind of movie, but with some ridiculous satire that Kristen pulls off spectacularly.

15 Minutes of Shame (HBO Max)

This doc was produced by Monica Lewinsky who, as well know, is one of the most notable victims of bullying and public shaming in modern times.  I thought this documentary was absolutely fascinating. Even more important, did an amazing job at showing both the positives and negatives of what happens when someone gets publicly shamed or canceled.  They interviewed the guy who sold hand sanitizer for insane prices on Amazon at the beginning of COVID and, honest to god, I would be shocked if anyone didn’t feel bad for him after hearing the story from his point of view – I know I did.  This is a must-watch, trust me.

Somebody Somewhere (HBO Max)

Love, love, love this show – you fall instantly in love with Sam (played by comedian Bridget Everett).  The start of the show focuses on showing how Sam is dealing with the loss of her sister. All while getting acclimated to living in her Kansas home town again.

The Sex Lives of College Girls (HBO Max)

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this series, but after legit 10 minutes into the first episode I was FULLY hooked…and it made me miss college. Like a lot.  This is another hit Mindy Kaling series and, let me tell you, you can absolutely sense Mindy in the writing and it’s fab.  The show follows the lives of four polar-opposite college roommates. I feel like that’s all you really need to know to figure out that it’s gonna be hilarious.

Pam & Tommy (Hulu)

First of all, let’s start with the absolutely INSANE transformation that Lily James did to play Pamela Anderson; she looks incredible and those makeup artists and hair stylists are legit genius.  The story is both intriguing and sad, all at once.  It’s important to note that Pam and Tommy didn’t consult on the production of this show at all, so the intimate conversations and moment are obviously just fabricated for the story.  That said, the major plot points are all true and you definitely really feel for Pam in those awful moments where they get exposed to the world.

Single Drunk Female (Freeform/Hulu)

I’m absolutely LOVING this new series; it’s raw, it’s real, yet funny and airy, and it shines a light on to what it’s like for a smart, successful person to suffer from alcohol addiction.  Watching Sam fall and then get back up is awesome – you really, really root for her and want her to succeed in being sober.

Inventing Anna (Netflix)

I mean everyone is already talking about Inventing Anna. However, I’m here to remind you just in case you haven’t watched it yet.  Julia Garner’s accent alone makes this show worth the watch. It’s kind of like what you’d imagine a German child would sound like in your worst nightmare ever.  You get used to it, though…and then you become just legit fascinated by how this woman, in her early twenties at the time, somehow managed to literally con New York City’s elite.  She’s a genius criminal and I have a feeling we haven’t heard from the last of her IRL…just saying.

Ozark (Netflix)

Speaking of Julia Garner, I binged the first part of the series finale in like two days and, oh my god, it’s just so good. Anyone who isn’t on the Ozark train yet is making a serious mistake.  It’s got money laundering, it’s got Mexican cartel drama, it’s got the Missouri Ozarks…just watch this.

Cooking With Paris (Netflix)

Lastly, it’s a sin that this series was canceled after one season because watching Paris Hilton cook with random celebrities had be glued to my TV.  Like who doesn’t want to watch Paris make shrimp tacos with Saweetie?  I forget what she made with Kim Kardashian. But I do remember when Kim questioned whether or not they should be using a bedazzled spatula because, you know, those rhinestones DO come off.  If you’re in the mood for some laughing, easy recipes and random celebs, give this show a watch.

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