The ancient beauty tool that will take your skin to the next-level


Because this tool is an old-school game changer that I just recently discovered…


Last month I stumbled across this article on Byrdie.com and KNEW I had to test it out for myself.  Aside from just looking cool in your bathroom (and, believe me, it does) I’m actually really loving the whole process of incorporating jade rolling into my daily skin routine; it makes the whole process super luxe and maybe I’m crazy but I actually DO think I’m seeing a difference in the sense of the fact that my complexion seems just a little bit brighter than usual.  Plus, not gonna lie, it feels like a face massage every. single. day.

Face massages are not only a feel-good power move, but they also help increase blood circulation, help your beauty products penetrate deeper into your skin and there’s even word that they’ve been shown to be a bit of a mood-booster…not gonna lie, I need that right now.

I went with this jade roller, mostly because it’s green (my fave color) and also because it was fairly cheap compared to some of the other options.

The serums:

Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum: Brand new this month, I’ve been testing out this new serum from Armani (so fance, I know).  This lightweight serum packs hyaluronic acid and crimson seaweed to help enhance your skin’s natural moisture barrier. LOVING THIS.

Face Boss Ohm (One Hot Mess): The name sucked me in (how good is this name?), but the ingredients kept me coming back.  This lightweight serum is suspended in pure vegan hyaluronic acid to plump skin, protect and restore.  20% vitamin C, ferulic acid and vitamin E work synergistically to provide maximum antioxidant protection against the formation of free radicals.


How to use it:

It’s pretty basic. You apply your serum (or whatever product you want) to your face and then roll the jade roller in an upward motion toward your forehead.  Use the bigger side (if your roller has more than one end) and make sure to also use the smaller side for the area around your eyes. Done. Enjoy your ancient tool and new beauty routine.



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