The Easy and Surprisingly Delicious Holiday Cocktail That Reminds Me of My Dad

Because I “invented” this cocktail while in my early twenties staying at my dad’s house over Christmas…

I can’t quite remember exactly when I came up with this cocktail but it was for sure in my early twenties.  I was staying at my dad’s house overnight for Christmas and we ran out of wine (tragedy). Then I found some random old bottle of vodka he had never opened, but he didn’t have anything to mix it with except for water and a big bottle of Martinelli’s apple cider (he bought this for me every holiday since we all love apple cider).

I figured “ok, well I mean vodka goes well with orange juice so I’m gonna assume this won’t be a total disaster.”

So I mixed the drink with ice and was legit SHOCKED.

It’s such a good combination…delicious, in fact.  And incredibly easy.

Apple Cider Vodka Cocktail

The next morning my dad questioned my drink concoction but I insisted it was fantastic.  He laughed and was like “okkkkk, Jamie. Like cocktails, much?”  Yes, yes I do.  But I’m telling you that you need to make this for your next holiday gathering.  Obviously I didn’t have apple slices or a cinnamon stick in the OG drink but they’re a nice, festive touch and I highly recommend adding them to the drink (especially at a party).

Now that my dad is gone I think I’ll make this a holiday tradition in his memory. <3  I’d love to hear what you think once you try it!

The Stone Family Apple Cider Vodka Cocktail



  • Pour one jigger of vodka over ice
  • Fill the rest of the glass up with the apple cider
  • Add an apple slice
  • Add a cinnamon stick
  • Enjoy!

Apple Cider Vodka Cocktail

Every time I make this Apple Cider Vodka Cocktail for a friend they’re legit shocked at how good it tastes.

Apple Cider Vodka Cocktail

Apple Cider Vodka Cocktail

Apple Cider Vodka Cocktail

Do you have a signature holiday cocktail? Comment below- I’d love to know.


Photos by Felicia LaSala

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