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Every time I get a massage, the masseuse says the same exact thing: “when was the last time you got a massage?”  Yeah, so I guess I do hold a TON of tension in my neck, I can’t help it!  Given that, yeah, I’m going to make a solid effort to get massaged at least once a month from now on- lesson learned.  When I was offered the chance to try out the Argyle Spa in LA’s famous Sunset Tower Hotel, I was super excited.  I was honestly expecting just your basic swedish massage, which I obvioulsy was excited about, but I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived and realized that I would receive my 50 minute massage in one of their suites.  Ohhh, yes ladies, a suite.  The Argyle is definitely the most private spa that I’ve ever been too…there’s no locker room situation, which I almost always find annoying, since you do get your own room.  The suite I was given had a private sink (with amenities like blowdryer, q-tips, brushes, etc.), a private bathroom, two massage tables and even a huge bath tub, for the complimentary salt bath, post-massage.  Once I saw all that, I was amped and ready to go.  The massage itself was fantastic and I have to tell you that it was nice to be thinking about the warm salt bath that I knew would be waiting for me once the heavenly rub down would be ending.  Love it.

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  1. I have never been to a spa nor had a massage…isn’t that sad? One of these days I will. Glad you enjoyed yours. It sounds like a slice of heaven! 🙂

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