Baby’s first Botox!

So I went to a super interesting seminar the other day thrown by Botox Cosmetic. I have to admit that I was never a big Botox supporter so the main reason I wanted to go to the luncheon was to learn more about the product before I continued to judge (ha, I’m evolving). Anyhow, the seminar was fab- I learned quite a bit about how many men are now getting Botoxed, how it was officially approved for cosmetic use in 2002 and even how it’s often used to treat medical problems such as excessive sweating and even TMJ!

After the seminar, there were a few derms that stayed around to actually give Botox to anyone who wanted. I had signed up for a consultation thinking that they would refuse me based on age and, ahem, my perfect skin. Wrong. I was lucky enough to get the infamous Dr. Downie as my doctor for consultation and she informed me that I have “11’s” or Glabellar lines, as they’re properly called. Great. I’m 26 and starting to wrinkle. She quickly assured me that it would only hurt for a minute and injected me with the Botox. It all happened so quickly that I didn’t even realize when it was over. All I could keep thinking was “I can’t believe I just got Botox.”

I’ll report back on results in about a week (approximately how long it takes to go into full effect).

Stay tuned…

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